Celebrating the unknown and the invisible after dark on Halloween!

Varsha Dinodia

As I walk in the twilight, no wind howls, and pure silence fills the air. The empty dark embraces me; it is as if I am completely alone.

Yes, I am in Strathcona Park for a late evening stroll, where, on occasion, one is able to feel a certain paranormal aura, a mysterious presence, the unknown. If you are in the mood to enjoy these eerie vibes, Strathcona Park is the place to go.

There is a lot to do and experience this season for those IMAGE readers interested in indulging in the Halloween spirit. Let us take an inventory of our neighbourhood that makes it particularly well suited for Halloween 2023.

Oct. 27—Party with Witches at allsaints event space (19+)

Cauldrons and Cocktails. Tickets $59.27 can be purchased at Witch Chest store, 509 Rideau Street or online at www.witchchest.caa or Eventbrite (search “cauldrons”).

Oct. 28—When the mayor treats and tricks you. Whether you are a kid or an adult, dress in your best Halloween costume and visit the Ottawa City Hall Heritage Building starting at 5:00 p.m. to be tricked and treated by none other than the Honourable Mark Sutcliffe, Mayor of the City of Ottawa. There will also be many prominent leaders from City Hall dressed as ghostly goblins, creatures, or fairies from your favourite childhood stories. Admission price is non-perishable food items for Ottawa’s Food Bank program. For more information and details regarding the event, please visit the City’s website (

Dressing up for Halloween should be easy for those in Sandy Hill, as there are plenty of stores here and in downtown Ottawa that offer a variety of costumes to choose from.

Witch Chest at 509 Rideau Street, a metaphysical supply shop, stocks unique items such as ritual oils, witchcraft books and journals, and many witchy accessories.

Dollarama at 183 and 305 Rideau Street stocks fake blood and other useful items for Halloween parties and get-togethers.

If you want to have fun at home this Halloween season, try making Caramel Apples, Mulled Apple Cider, and Vegan Gluten-free Pumpkin Pie, for starters. Recipes are easy to find online.

Enjoy them in front of a scary movie.  My personal favourites are: Shutter Island, Hush, Premonition and The Exorcist.

I wish all Sandy Hill residents and readers of IMAGE a happy and safe Halloween!

Early signs of Halloween in Strathcona Park, September 2023
Photo F. Adam Sopuck