What’s going on at Viscount?

Evie Reid & Milo Collister

We are grade six (Evie) and grade five (Milo) Early French Immersion students at Viscount Alexander Public School. The school is a JK to 6 Early French Immersion and English OCDSB school located at 55 Mann Ave. We have lots of great teachers and great activities. Ever since the COVID lockdown, a lot of these activities have been cancelled. But this fall lots of these activities have come back. For example, sports like taekwondo, soccer (girls and boys), and cross country running. In October we had our first movie night since COVID. Our first Remembrance Day assembly in three years was also super special.

We have interviewed some Viscount students about these special events. For soccer we have interviewed two people: one from the girls’ team and one from the boys’ team. This was their response: Isaac from the boys’ team says, “We got third place but I was worried we would get last.” Daniah from the girls’ team says, “I actually love soccer but when I heard there was a soccer team I did not know if I would try out because I have soccer after school.”

The grades three, four, five, and six have been taking taekwondo in gym class since October. Stanley in grade six said, “I was excited for going to taekwondo classes because I first went when I was four.”

Our cross country team was led by M. LeMonnier and Mme Deena. Twenty-nine students from grades three to six had a beautiful sunny fall day for their meet at the Terry Fox Athletic Centre and got some great results. Here are two students to share how it went: Simoona said, “It was really cool. I’m happy I went (this year) and I came in 60th.” Friida said, “I’m super happy that I got 13th, I thought I would get last.”

We had a great movie night on October 28 where students and parents could see their friends and watch a movie together. We interviewed two people: Sarah said, “I enjoyed it. The only thing I would say is that there was not enough space. So many people wanted to come. It was relaxing and fun. I enjoyed the range of snacks and I liked that there were vegetarian options.” Bryn said, “I was kind of excited because it was the first movie night in a while, we needed more space but it was fun. I liked that there was cheese and pepperoni pizza.”

We had our first Remembrance Day ceremony in three years on November 11. Ali and Julia served as the MCs. We interviewed Ali and here are his thoughts: “I felt excited but also nervous.” Other students performed plays, sang songs, and recited poems. The grade one and two English and French classes sang “Peace in my Fingers”, and Mrs. Content’s grade three English class read the poem, “A Poppy is to Remember”, by Heather Patterson. The grade five and six English class performed a play about a little girl who sends a teddy bear to her dad in war who was going to bring it back but unfortunately the father died.

It’s been a great fall getting back into sports and assemblies where we can see our friends again. Now that the snow is here everyone is excited for the winter.

Our thanks to Leila Heikkila for helping put together this report.

Julia and Ali were the MCs of the Remembrance Day ceremony.


Julia and Ali were the MCs of the Remembrance Day ceremony.