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Garbage galore, my everlasting nemesis

Spring is here, Covid-like still!

Amid a polyphony from songbirds

Blossoming tulips, daffodils and fragrant hyacinths

Trees and bushes awakening and burgeoning

But what do I also see on my daily stroll?

Rubbish, detritus, waste, debris, scattered garbage!!!

On my street, on sidewalks, on my neighbours’ front yards

In my neighbourhood, in community and city parks

Even on my favourite Poets’ Pathway!

Trash, junk, rubble, odds and ends, you name it:

This pandemic year… a multitude of discarded masks, gloves, mostly blue

As usual… numerous cigarette butts, empty packs and their plastic wrappings

Those dreadful plastic water, juice and pop bottles

Plastic straws and utensils, beer cans, empty of course!

Even redeemable wine bottles $$$

Tin foil, chocolate bar, candy and gum wrappers

Photo Bianca Bertrand

Even some personal toiletries and contraceptives!!!

How many disposable coffee cups and lids, you ask?

Local baristas, take your cue:

With every purchase, strongly advise clients not to litter!

Local landlords, take your cue:

With every rental, help tenants to keep premises clean!

Every week or so, my partner and I collect bags of scraps

Every week, an ever-growing despair overwhelms me

One talks about global climate change

I talk about community indifference

How will Mother Earth ever survive?

Adopt a road*, adopt the sidewalk in front of your home

Adopt your own yard for Nature’s sake!

Get together at a distance and adopt a park.

What are most Sandy Hillers waiting for?

Spring is here, again this year, thankfully…

Bianca Bertrand

Adoptive co-parent of Blackburn Avenue

*Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Road is a City of Ottawa program

Photo Bianca Bertrand