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Follow along on Instagram for feline findings

Megan Lafrenière

Ginger basking in Strathcona Park on a warmer day than today.

It all started with Ginger. From the laminated note attached to her collar, I learned Ginger lived at Marlborough and Somerset. I took her photo. Because I am a cat lady. And I have photographed dozens of Côte-de-Sable minous since then.

Last winter, I decided to share my photos and launched the @CatsOfSandyHill account on Instagram. Little did I know the account would become a pandemic pastime. Neighbourhood walks are now feline safaris. On a lucky day I will cross paths with a “regular” or sight a new furry subject. Already 2021 has given me a pink cat. That must be a good omen!

A few kitties have been identified by name, whether in person or by Instagram followers. A slender little sweetheart named Esmé was spotted online by her human, along with Elvis whom she described as “everybody’s cat.” I recall he barrelled his way towards me without hesitation, ready for his close-up.

Sandy Hill residents will likely have come across Milo during a visit to Barely Bruised Books or neighbouring Happy Goat Coffee.

Casey (aka Min Min) is a regular on my street. We called him Ranger until I had the opportunity to ask his human over the fence one day. He saunters over to our yard almost daily to charm my cats with his giant paws and good looks.

And of course there is Milo, the fluffy manager of Barely Bruised Books who, I was told, wears a GPS tracker so his human can keep tabs on his whereabouts. I have captured him lounging among books outside and seeking shade at the laundromat next door.

So far, I have only posted my own photographs, but who knows what this new year will bring. Based on the number of photos I have taken so far, it is very clear that Sandy Hill loves cats, too.