Tables of gift ideas at Sandy Hill’s “One & Only” Arts & Crafts Fair

Yvonne van Alphen

The fair took place on Nov. 9 at the Sandy Hill Community Centre. Sponsored by Action Sandy Hill (convenor: David Elden), it also included a used booksale, door prizes and a chance to answer these questions: what are you doing for the climate now? What do you plan to do?

This year’s “One & Only” included 50 talented artists and crafters (including some Inuit crafters), a book sale where you could buy three paperbacks for the amazing price of $5, and a hot cup of coffee with baklava. Mayor Jim Watson also made time to check out the tables and thanked the volunteers. If you missed out, you can still pick up some great gifts, by using the vendor’s contact links below.








Following is a small selection of the many items on show:

Handmade Journal Books.
Katrin Smith is an abstract artist, printmaker and bookmaker. Each book has 48 blank hand-cut pages, waxed linen bookmaking thread, and original cover with a butterfly embellishment. Such the perfect vehicle to capture life’s next adventure.; Katrin Smith

Jewelry crafted from recycled vintage silverware.
Fork prongs transformed into jellyfish brooches. Adam’s work saves the world, one spoon at a time. If you have some silverware, Adam is also open to trading. Rings $25-$30; Bracelets $30-$40. Manifesto Crafts; Contact: Adam Guzman-Poole