Nature creates and creates and repeats

Peter Evanchuck

At the Sandy Hill Community garden, Helene Lacelle turns and tills the soil, contributing to nature’s bounty among the beauty of Sandy Hill’s Rideau River greenery.
Photo Peter Evanchuck

This creativity is very clear in our Sandy Hill community garden.

After a strange and record breaking, lousy spring flooding, both the Ottawa River and the Rideau River have subsided and now flow almost normally. The cold inclement weather has upgraded to more late spring-like warmth.

So this week the members of the community garden cleaned up and cleared up our little plots of garden land that borders on the community soccer field and overlooks the magnificent Rideau River. Each member receives a plot about 3.6 by 5 metres (12 x 17 feet) to basically plant whatever they want, however they want, as long as they don’t upset fellow gardeners too much.

We learned, since this is our third year, what grows the best and easiest for our personal tastes After all, it’s all about healthy, organic eating as much green as nature provides to our little gardens.

Helene Lacelle working away to return some beauty to the Hurdman Parkette after devastating construction of new ugly wall along Queensway – planting every year something to recreate a friendly place for the neighbourhood.
Photo Peter Evanchuck

So Helene and I turned the soil, scraped the weeds and began the planting of lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, various herbs, beans and other favourites.

It takes very little effort and time to have this creative event in our creative lives.

Nothing like being in Canada’s third largest city and be able to look up from our garden to see the flow of the river cutting through the tree- and grass-lined green space carefully cared for by concerned citizens.

In this age of disastrous global warming, fake presidential news tells us all’s well but we know better. Mother Nature is warning us that she can only create if we don’t destroy her ability to create.

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Bike Ottawa visitor centre in Laurier Park, June 1. Bike Ottawa has been a citizen-led advocacy group for safe cycling and bike-friendly streets since 1984.
Photo Harlequin Studios