Where were you in 1974? IMAGE was cutting its teeth

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IMAGE newspaper was entering its second year of publication and here is a sample page,  laboriously typed out in columns on a manual typewriter, from its February issue (above). Check out the elegant ad for Ottawa Health Aids, one of those “ground floor commercial” shops you read about on page 1.







The March 1974 issue’s front page bore a scene-setting cartoon from someone who has stayed around to see what happened, architect Barry Padolsky.


Meanwhile, Jules Léger was sworn in as Governor General, Global Television began broadcasting, Mikhail Baryshnikov defected, New Brunswick became the first bilingual province and French became the official language of Quebec, the RCMP accepted female recruits, the LeDain commission argued marijuana should be legal and — oh yes— Trudeau Liberals won a federal election and a president was impeached in the U.S.