News from Viscount Alexander School

By: Michael Barnes and Deb Wood

Students go to Forest School

The Forest and Nature School is partnering with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. This year Viscount is sending one Kindergarten class and a grade 3/4 class to spend six consecutive Wednesdays at the school.

Located at the Wesley Clover Campground in the west part of Ottawa, the school, offers a cabin set in a forest clearing alongside an outdoor eating area, outdoor amphitheatre and natural playscape—with access to explore over 600 acres of crown land, including NCC trails.

The staff at the Ottawa Forest and Nature School are excited about this opportunity to share the forest school philosophy with more students, educators and families; to nurture outdoor learning, risky play, emergent and inquiry-based curriculum.

In the next IMAGE article we hope to provide some student feedback on this great initiative.


12,000 snacks and counting thanks to SHCHC!

For many years, the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre has provided funding for the Fruity Friday and Veggie Monday snack programs at Viscount. Volunteers cut the fruit and vegetables, arrange them on big platters and then students carry them back to class to be consumed.

It’s a routine scene but something that we are very thankful to receive—good snacks and the opportunity for all students to participate at no cost.

With over 180 students, that means roughly 360 snacks per week or 1,500 snacks per month are consumed. To put it another way, that amounts to over 12,000 snacks per school year.

The program requires many hours of volunteer help in both purchasing and preparing the snacks for our students. Thanks to the SHCHC and all our volunteers.

A great volleyball season

Congratulations to the Junior Girls Volleyball team for their performance at the Regional Tournament held at Rideau High School. The girls won all six games in round robin play and went on to the playoff round. In the semi-finals they met Queen Elizabeth PS and played hard, demonstrating excellent teamwork! In the end they lost 21-19, and 23-21 ending their tournament play. We are very proud of the team; Maryam, Adaora, Maida, Thet Htar, Isla, Logan, Anhara, Delina, Renna, Emilie. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Mills who coached the team this year.

The Junior Boys Volleyball team also competed at the tournament. The team got off to a speedy start winning their round robin play, and sitting first in their pool. Their next match was a semi final showdown with Queen Elizabeth. This match went to a third game for a tiebreaker. In the third game the boys showed great composure and teamwork coming back to eventually win their way to the finals of the tournament with Robert E. Wilson. The championship game was back and forth with many great rallies and a lot of hard work on both sides. In the end Robert E. Wilson was able to edge our Viscount boys to win the tournament. Our school community is very proud of our team and the incredible perseverance and teamwork they showed. Congratulations to the members of the team: Ali, Samuel, Kasaya, Byron, Nyeff, Shaqib, Ayham, and Harris. Thank you to Mr. Moodie for coaching the boys this season.

Skate-a-Thon fundraiser success

The Skate-a-Thon showcase was set up at the school entrance and fundraising was underway—Viscount’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The money raised would support hosting scientists in the schools program and acquire equipment that helps our students in their learning. Our Kindergarten students completed their Run-a-Thon during gym classes before March Break. Our Grade 1-6 students used their final skating sessions to skate as many laps as possible in 15 minutes. Our students have worked hard to improve their skating skills, and had fun challenging their personal best at their final session. Thank you to our School Council members for setting up the showcase with the prizes, and for organizing the draw prizes.

The Skate-a-Thon raised over $6,000 which is a tribute to both our students, their families and the community supporting this community school. Thanks to everyone who made this considerable achievement possible.

Toonie Tuesday helps many

Viscount students participated in Toonie Tuesday on February 28. Across the OCDSB, 101 schools raised over $40,000 in 2016. This year the goal is to raise $50,000.

The Toonie Tuesday organizers wrote, “You can’t focus on schoolwork when the growl of your stomach is louder than the teacher’s voice. Without colouring pencils and paper, your homework goes unfinished. Without the basics, an education can seem impossible. For a child who lives in poverty in our city, $2 is the difference between nothing and something.”

Students at participating schools were asked to bring $2 to help other kids just like them. All the funds raised from this day go directly to the Students in Crisis Emergency Fund. It is sponsored by the Education Foundation of Ottawa


Viscount: a great place to learn

If you are looking for a great place for a child to learn and experience a truly diverse education then consider Viscount Alexander. You can call the school and arrange a visit. Classes are offered from Junior Kindergarten to grade six. The dual stream school has both Regular English and Early French Immersion programs. To learn more about Viscount, please phone the school office at 613-239-2213 to arrange a visit.