Your name in lights

Paula Kelsall

We’re all still sad that the ByTowne Cinema marquee is no longer enticing us to drop in for a couple of hours of cinematic pleasure. Lately, though, the marquee has been offering a different kind of entertainment as birthdays, recently published books, marriage proposals, and special occasions have been celebrated up there in short messages for all to see.

ByTowne owner Bruce White says the marquee rentals have been pretty popular so far. If you’d like to share your thoughts with passersby on Rideau Street (and help keep the marquee lit at night), he’s ready to take your request at

The cost of posting a message is $100 per day (plus HST) for one side of the marquee a good opportunity to send a photo to friends or post on social media. It’s $150 for both sides.

Lowertown residents Avery and Greg celebrated their wedding anniversary (pandemic edition!) with a message on the ByTowne Cinema marquee. It will be a lasting souvenir of these times and a celebration of one of their favourite local landmarks.
Photo Matt Davidson