Ruweida Shire – Action Sandy Hill’s Volunteer of the Year

Photo Christine Aubry

Sabrina Mathews

A longtime resident of Sandy Hill, Ruweida Shire has run the Strathcona Heights Homework Club for 12 years. She works tirelessly with a group of dedicated volunteers to find funding and resources to support and tutor grade school and high school students in Sandy Hill. The Homework Club is a valuable resource and a warm and welcoming space for all young people in our neighbourhood. The program offers a substantial after-school snack, since many arrive directly from grade school.

The Homework Club draws on young volunteers, giving them the opportunity to contribute to our neighbourhood. Ruweida and her group also run a summer camp that integrates tutoring, so that participants can keep up with or improve their academics. She coordinates similar activities at March Break. These camps also provide employment opportunities for Sandy Hill youth.

Ruweida is recently a founder of Daryeel, a centre serving youth and seniors. A fledgling organization, Daryeel wants to grow on past accomplishments to bridge the gap between generations.

Ruweida has a holistic and focused understanding of the needs of our community. She has created a program and organizations that provide an irreplaceable service to our children, while allowing the young Sandy Hill volunteers to develop rich skills. Ruweida has been pivotal in the raising of skilled, thoughtful and dedicated Sandy Hill youth. She is always reaching farther and thinking bigger, as she tackles the needs she finds in our community.