New, and local, fiction

People in Sandy Hill may be very interested in a new work of local literary fiction, I Have Demons­. The author works at St. Joseph’s Church.

Lyrical language, at times haunting, and moments of dry humour weave through the three novellas in this collection. Set in and around Ottawa, these stories examine the peripheries of society. In the characters’ journey toward the centre, they navigate flawed human relationships, seek to encounter a divine presence that is at once implicitly present yet dreadfully distant, and struggle to negotiate the conditions of redemption.

A jaded young priest of a dwindling Ottawa parish faces a man with a terrible secret. A lonely pensioner spends a Thanksgiving she’ll never forget at a local diner, served by an acerbic waitress who has finally found her ticket out of there. A recent university graduate from small-town Ontario leaves home with nothing to his name but the hope of a new life in the city and places all his trust in a charismatic yet dubious life coach.

Published by Iguana Books in 2018 and available for purchase on Amazon or locally at Books on Beechwood. For more information on the author, visit:

—with notes from Christopher Adam