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The Literary Page: Introduction

We are fortunate to count many a writer and bard among the residents of Sandy Hill. The first notable poet who graced our neighbourhood in its early years was Archibald Lampman who spent a good part of his short life living in Philomene Terrace, Daly Ave.

Are you, too, a writer —budding or experienced, private or published, experimenting or confident? IMAGE enthusiastically undertakes to offer stories, poems, wordplays and memoirs as part of the newspaper’s regular fare. Guidelines include:

• Poems, up to 30 lines, no more than  6 at once.

• Prose, up to 500 words, with a  title.

See the masthead on page 2 for information on how to reach us. Please note that we cannot undertake to enter into long conversations with writers and we have a definite preference for Word files. We very much welcome your submissions, anytime!

And now, we are pleased to offer you recent work from two of our distinguished writers.