Building projects

Suspense on Sweetland!  In July, neighbours were alarmed when the house at 51 Sweetland suddenly lurched precariously toward the home next door. The City issued a stop-work order, ordered the evacuation of the neighbouring house (to protect the residents), and fenced off the adjacent driveway. It appears that during the early phases of reconstruction, the underpinning of the foundation walls was compromised. A few days later, 51 Sweetland (right) was completely demolished.

Two years ago, owner Jeremy Siebert applied to allow three units at that location; his plans included a large addition in the rear yard and restoration of the heritage aspects on the front facade. According to the councillor’s office, due to the one year moratorium on such applications, there will be no new building permit issued for quite some time.

Meanwhile, the site has been cleared of rubble and the next-door neighbour has been permitted to inhabit her home.     —Judy Rinfret

Truth or window dressing? Among the clanks and bangs issuing from the Viner worksite at Friel and Laurier in the early morning, you may find yourself thinking about the sign (middle) posted at the workplace entrance. Comfort to the neighbours and fear to the contractors? Staff in Councillor Fleury’s office report that the City has in fact received three calls of complaint about early morning noise; two resulted in verbal warnings and one triggered that first $1,000 ticket.  — Jane Waterston