Farewell summer!

Although they didn’t stop right up to Thanksgiving, the sunny, balmy days are gone at last, as symbolized in Rob Sinclair’s photo of an egret winging away from our shore.

Photo Rob Sinclair

One of the very best days came on Oct. 1, when the GeeGees pulled off an amazing  Panda Game win over the Ravens. With little to no aftershock felt on Sandy Hill streets, we thank the university administrators, athletes, Ottawa police and Action Sandy Hill spokespeople who laid the groundwork for an all-round positive experience.

So here come the jokes, junk food and  hi-jinks of Halloween. Varsha Dinodia caught the spirit in this photo of last year’s pumpkin contest at her residence.

Photo Varsha Dinodia

Coming up next: the One & Only Arts & Crafts Fair, November 18 at the community centre.  Don’t miss it!