Letters & Opinion


By Ralph Blaine



1.  Up to (the point in time or event) (5)

6.  A metal whose compounds produce deep yellows and reds (7)

13. Salt water   (5)

14. The class of egg-laying mammals (7)

15. Dedicated grass clippers in Strathcona Park (6,5)

17. Those who bestow monikers?   (6)

18. Liturgical vestment worn by some Catholic, Anglican (etc.) officiants (3)

21. Prefix for “colon” or “detached” (4)

24. Come or go into (a place) (5)

26. Letters sometimes following   suburb or regal or Victor (2)

27. Refusing to be persuaded or change one’s mind (7)

29. This word sometimes describes a car but might also apply to Ottawa’s LRT.   (5)

31. In the middle of a country, away from the sea (6)

32. Financial institution that was until recently at the corner of Rideau and Friel (6)

33. Members of, say, St. Joseph’s Church on Laurier, who are not part of the clergy (5)

34. The seats occupied by sovereigns on state occasions (7)

35. Present tense, second person singular of être (2)

36. An elected senior Spartan magistrate in ancient Greece (5)

38. How a surface that has just been lubricated might be described (4)

39. Severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal called (for short) “the _____” (3)

41. If you’ve gained some weight your tailor might have to    ______   the waist of your trousers (3,3)

43. The Sandy Hill crossing where you can check yourself in a mirror on the way to Vanier (5,6)

48. Don Juan or Casanova, for example (7)

50. Derogatory or mocking in an indirect way (5)

51. An outer layer of skin (7)

52. Having the mouth open in wonder and surprise (5)



1.  Large university in Vancouver (3)

2.  Influential gun lobby organization  (3)

3.  Metal alloyed with copper to produce the bronze historical plaques on Sandy Hill buildings (3)

4.  How one might describe a bear in the depths of her hibernation (9)

5.  The unstable clay underlying much of Sandy Hill (4)

6.  Clear, logical and convincing (often applied to an argument) (6)

7.  Prevent or ward off (often applied to disaster) (5)

8.  A good name for a business that looks after the soundness of large truck engines?  (abr.) (6, 2)

9.  Mona Fortier, Yasir Naqvi, David McGuinty (abr.)    (3)

10. Acronym for the multinational UN organization that seeks to support peaceful uses of nuclear power (4)

11. Ancient (c. 3800 BC) Sumerian city state (Mesopotamia) whose ruins include a ziggurat (2)

12. So you’ve got your B.A. but still working at Starbucks. Maybe trying for this higher degree would help. (2)

16 Make minor changes (in a text) to make it clearer, more up to date, etc.   (5)

19. Name of a model train maker from 1903 on and also first name of singer/songwriter Richie (6)

20. Pseudonym of an English contemporary street artist, political activist and film director whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed  (6)

21. Departed on a boat (6)

22, American poet _________ Vincent Millay (abr.) (4, 2)

23. Landlocked country and former colony of France in West Africa  (4)

25. Turning a computer off and immediately turning it back on again (9)

28. One could say “Just take whatever seat you like” or “You can sit ___________.”  (8)

30. Iranian prophet (3rd century AD) and the founder of Manichaeism (4)

32. A strong, regular beat, as in: heart ________ (5)

34. The pregnancy of a mammal which has lasted the normal time span is said to have gone _____ (2, 4)

37. Canada is sometimes described as “A ________ of wood and drawer of water.”     (5)

40.  Prefix for masochism, sometimes (4)

42. These two constellations share names but one is a “major” and the other is a “minor”(4)

44. A word that describes the skating season on the Rideau Canal in 2023 (3)

45. “Day” in Mexico City (3)

46.  The most commonly used measure for the size of an economy (abr.)  (3)

47. The widest of all shoe sizes (3)

48. Direction from the Rideau Library branch to Strathcona Park (abr.) (2)

49. Common term for the agricultural fair and carnival that used to take place in Lansdowne Park in the early fall, as in, “Let’s go to the ____.”              (2)

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Sandy Hill Bygone Bonus CluesAll bonus answers filled in top to bottom, left to right in a given row.

O — Deli on Rideau Ð Once the place for breakfast dates, smoked meat, knish

Δ —No fakery here: classic lunch counter, rye bread. Gone now.

— Arlo Guthrie never made it to this bulk food palace on Somerset— too bad, the baklava was splendid.

ô— You’d have been hard pressed to find better cheese bread than what this family grocer on Somerset once made