Crazy Daisy May on location

Peter Evanchuck

The life you lived may not be the life others think you lived; languid thoughts on an idyllic maritime forest as I get ready to shoot a scene with partner and star Hélène Lacelle for Crazy Daisy May the latest addition to our very successful shorts. Reality and imagined reality always confuse each other, is the theme of this unique movie

Digital shorts seem a perfect venue for the low- or no-budget filmmaker. Hélène and I are the team of two, making two shorts a year. Their ongoing success at international festivals has prompted us to continue making these creative little additions to our lifetime of art.

Being naturally curious helps all to enjoy life more and more. After all, the dilemmas and hardships life can sometimes force upon us can be alleviated with the joys of creating something; giving life to something that never existed before borders on the miraculous.

Creative media has pulled me along on my journey. Our movies winning numerous awards, and invites around the world by appreciative viewers do make life sweeter.

During the past four years, we have made a series of eight movies dealing with mental illness, individuality, existential ideas of how life should be lived free and creative.



Peter Evanchuck and Hélène Lacelle on location in the Maritimes.