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Sandy Hill must have a Green New Deal

As climate science piles high, it is crystal clear Sandy Hill and the nation’s capital must enact a Green New Deal. Referring to our climate crisis as “climate change” diminishes its severity and consequences for us and all life. It’s very much like referring to genocide or extinction as “population change.”

We are in a dire climate emergency. Our climate, ecological and health crises are all interlinked. But we no longer see the links between them because our relationship with nature is broken. We have to connect the dots.

A Green New Deal is a “climate positive” step forward in this regard because it would help us to understand that humans are not separate from nature and that we can no longer behave as such.

Solutions or mitigation practices for our climate crisis won’t be found in the concepts of “Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2040 & 2050” currently espoused by city, provincial and federal governments. We can’t stop global heating; we can only slow the effects of it. And this is an extremely time-sensitive issue.

I respectfully ask all Sandy Hill residents to familiarize themselves with the notion of a Green New Deal (https://canadians.org/greennewdeal) and contact the city councillor, MPP and MP to voice concern for our environment.

Please demand a new path for Sandy Hill and Ottawa. Demand a Green New Deal. It’s the right thing to do.

Mike Mackey
Stewart St.

Back with a bang! Working Title’s reopening BBQ

On May 22, the Working Title Cafe came back with a bang! On the terrace, the grill was set up and ready to cook delicious-looking burgers, Mexican corn and outstanding squid (don’t shudder, it really was superb!), the ice cream stand was open, and lines of customers were happy to wait, delighted to be chatting with each other. You could either do takeout or spread a blanket on the grass and eat picnic-style just outside the terrace proper.

We can vouch for the grilled octopus salad (actually it was squid)—a generous helping of wonderfully tender squid pieces that topped fresh young greens, juicy mini-tomatoes, and red onions served with an “ink mayo” dressing. It all was prepared right in front of our eyes and it was all excellent.

Leanne said she is looking forward to doing this as often as possible. We’ll be back — what a great way to celebrate the arrival of summer right in our neighbourhood!

Dodi and Larry Newman
Laurier Ave. East

To our beloved customers

All of us at the Cadena Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar wish to extend sincere gratitude for your ongoing support throughout these difficult times.

The support you have shown for our family-owned and family-run restaurant is immensely appreciated. Your contributions have played a significant role in our growth and opportunity to provide for our community.

We cannot wait to open our doors once again and continue working alongside you. We are eager and ready to invite you and your loved ones to a badly needed special night out!

Sandra Cadena
Somerset St. East

This photo, taken in a grocery store in Berlin, Germany, advertises “New merchandise—just arrived: COVID-19 fast antigen test”. Pay 4 Euros (about $5.50), self-test at home, and in 15 minutes you have the results. Why can’t we do this in Ontario? — Dodi Newman