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News Bait

April 1 — At a pressed conference conferred as we go to press, Mayor O’What announced after the ravages of CO VED, a new approach to tax grabbing – more taxing on big buzz.  “The small will get and the big will fret,” says Mayor O.

What does this mean for Sanity Hill?  “With the exception of one big farma, there is no big buzz in Sanity Hill, a win win for all the small buzz businesses,” says Con. Furry.

Our reporter, Charity Wildechild, during a masked phone interview with womanger of our local Starstruck, Gillian Steamer, asked for her counter reaction to the tax break out news.

Steamer claims Starstruck will now offer many more hours of happiness to all repeat customers.

Stay safe for other break out news for April fools.