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Poo bags in the park

Photo Catherine O’Neill

Did you know that 40 percent of the waste currently being put in Ottawa’s garbage is compostable organic material that can be put into the green bin?

Organics recycling is an important part of the City of Ottawa’s long-term Waste Strategy. Diverting residential organic waste away from landfill (Green Bin Program) saves the City millions of dollars, and reduces the need for additional landfill sites.

In fact, soiled kitty litter, dog faeces (must be contained in a sealed, leak-proof bag), and animal bedding is acceptable in the Green Bin program.

Strathcona Park is designated on one side as “No Dogs Allowed + Do Not Feed Wildlife” and on the other side, near baseball diamond and footbridge “Dogs on Leash Only!”

There is very specific signage in the park, but it seems that some fellow citizens choose to ignore these designations. I see it every time I walk through the park. For sure, dogs in the park means dog poo is also in the park.Given that the City of Ottawa Waste program includes dog faeces, I find it shocking that dog owners still choose to dump their pet’s waste in the garbage bins in city parks!

This practice is incredibly selfish and short-sighted, costing the City – meaning all of us – money. In consideration of all of us, please carry your dog’s poo home and dispose of it in the compost or your personal garbage.

Catherine O’Neill
Dog lover and Sandy Hill resident
Wilbrod Street


Covenant in the time of COVID

Photo Michael Barnes

This photo was taken looking south in the Strait of Magellan in March. We were on the last cruise ship allowed to dock in Chile. A thousand people who were to go on to Florida had to leave as Peru stopped taking cruise ships the next day as well. Some ships leaving Argentina behind us had COVID cases by the time they reached Chile.

Michael Barnes
Besserer Street
Photo Michael Barnes








Côte-de-Sable, soyons prudents, en santé et respectueux

Oh, Sandy Hillers, stay safe, stay healthy, stay in touch

Victorieux serons-nous de cet ennemi invisible mais dévastateur

Immunity will be our saviour; physical distancing, hand washing and mask wearing, our protector

Donnons généreusement aux démunis, aidons nos personnes âgées et remercions nos précieux services de soins de santé

1, 2, 3 à vos gardes!

9-9 (ninety-nine) red balloons… «I think of you, and let it go»

(99 Luftballons by Nena)


Bianca Bertrand of Blackburn Avenue wrote this bilingual acrostic poem at the request of her 92-year-old father-in-law who is quarantined in his seniors’ residence in Stratford.