Three cheers for Michael Barnes!

A letter of thanks for outstanding service to Viscount Alexander Public School

Mia Hunt

The parents, students and administration of Viscount Alexander Public School – past and present – want to publicly acknowledge the tremendous contributions of Michael Barnes to our school council. At the end of this school year, Michael is stepping down from the position of community representative after an astonishing 14 years of service.

Michael began as a Viscount Alexander parent many years ago and has supported the school through great changes in programming, infrastructure and administration. He has served on council since 2006, when he began as a member-at-large before becoming co-chair. Though his kids are now in University, he has long remained part of our school community as community representative.

Though we are sad to see him go, we know that Michael’s impact will be everlasting. For example, over a decade ago, Michael was instrumental in getting the Early French Immersion program implemented at Viscount Alexander, a move which saved our small community school from potential closure due to low enrolment. Thanks to him, our EFI program is thriving and Viscount Alexander remains at the heart of the Sandy Hill community.

Michael was active in many other projects, including working towards our new kindergarten play structure and our ongoing push for a school addition, for which he has advocated tirelessly. Of course, he has also played an essential role in faithfully chronicling the activities and accomplishments of our students and school through his regular column here in IMAGE.

Michael has a quiet confidence and wisdom that has been an unbelievable asset to Viscount Alexander’s school council through time. As our community “elder,” he has held and shared the history of our school with new parents, school administrations and council members. We have benefited so much from this “memory bank” as we make decisions and gained tremendously from his deep commitment to the school and its students.

Sincere thanks, Michael! For so long, you have made a positive impact on Viscount Alexander and your work will impact the families of Sandy Hill for generations to come.

With contributions from Magda-Lena Capkun and Cristine Elrick

Michael Barnes, with the green umbrella, driving Viscount Alexander’s walking school bus.