June – July 2020 | JUIN – JUILLET 2020

Dear Reader,

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s habits, plans and priorities, our writers kept writing, photographers kept clicking, and Sandy Hill kept its chin up.

Since April, IMAGE has been gratified (thrilled, actually) to receive more kind donations from readers, to cheer us on and offset our operating costs.

In particular, we say thank you to the people named below.

Al Belliveau, Laurier E.
Bianca Bertrand and Timothy Williams, Blackburn Ave.
Thomas Brooks, Laurier E.
Lena Creedy, Besserer St.
Elena Kasativa, Laurier E.
Bob Meldrum, Blackburn Ave.
Allan P Millard, Blackburn Ave.
Peter and Jane Tugwell, Stewart St.
Plus one who remains anonymous

Between their support and a slowly reviving advertising base, we head into our summer break knowing we will return with another issue in October.

Wishing you a calm, creative and carefully distanced summer!

Jane Waterston, Editor, IMAGE

Masthead June -July