IMAGE Administration


The above photo of most members of the IMAGE production team illustrates the community commitment to our local paper. Some of these people have been working as volunteers with IMAGE for years, others have just become involved.

While our longtime editor plans a well earned hiatus, we intend to maintain this important community communiqué—the local source of news since 1972.

A provisional board is setting up a non profit corporation to oversee the work of teams headed by our business manager and a new editor (or editors) who decides on content, assigns or receives articles, and supervises the work of copy editors and writers. IMAGE is published five times per year.

Editing IMAGE is an opportunity to better understand and communicate with this special neighbourhood. If that is appealing, share your interest and energy by applying, alone or in company, to take on editing and ensure the viability of our best source of local news. Guidance and assistance are assured.


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