Action Sandy Hill notebook

ASH elections coming in May

While ASH directors prepare to step up (or not) for another year on the board, it is certain that the community association will need, at a minimum, three more board members in 2019-2020. Christine Aubry and Doug Ainslie stepped down mid-term and with the Student Federation at University of Ottawa gone, clarification is needed about the student seat. As well, after 6 years as vice president, Bob Forbes will be taking a break from the board next year, though volunteering where he can. If you are interested in finding out more about the board, start with the ASH website, then contact president Susan Young.


March ASH Board meeting highlights

  • Many calls have been received about messy garbage and vermin (rats) at 458 and 460 Nelson.
  • St. Patrick’s Day festivities – one charge was laid. Officials were there early and prevented groups from forming by “door knocking”. Smaller crowd than the Panda game.
  • 332A Somerset E. – condition is causing concern. The rule is that abandoned buildings should not look vacant.
  • Airbnb and rooming house study – Phase 2 is under review. There are no ward limits on numbers of rooming houses. City bylaw officers are now enforcing the rule that Airbnb owners need to live on the property.
  • Traffic calming – the City spends money in response to issues and complaints, not a strategy. ASH can request calming measures as well as individuals.
  • Iranian cultural centre (Lees extension) property sale – City did not win the bid.
  • Rink in Sandy Hill park – no profit this year. ASH had to pay for clearing the ice (no volunteers) and many hours were required.

Community members are invited to attend meetings of the ASH board on the last Monday of each month (except July and December). Next meeting: Monday, April 29 at the Community Centre, 250 Somerset Street East. Chat with ASH The Action Sandy Hill board welcomes Sandy Hill residents to chat informally with them about any items of interest, starting at 6:30 p.m., just ahead of the board meeting at 7:00.