Skinny Dipping in Canada, coming this March

Local Sandy Hill artist, Janet K. MacKay, has been working over the last year on a new series of paintings called “Skinny Dipping in Canada.” This “cheeky” series will warm your heart and enliven your soul while maintaining a PG rating. Janet’s distinctive vibrant style is reminiscent of the Group of Seven, but with her own unique twist. Each painting is bursting with a flood of brilliant colours and enticing reflections, taking the viewer to the peaceful, warm and sparkling days of summer at the lake.

MacKay hasbeen fascinated for years with painting water and with how it reflects the world around it. She initially painted just the water, then slowly started adding in shorelines, kayaks and canoes. Incorporating skinny dipping in the subject matter takes the fascination to a new level.

The “Skinny Dipping in Canada” series will be on display at Sandy Hill’s Worldview Studio, located at 210 Blackburn Ave., from March 30 to April 7. The Studio will be open daily from noon to 5 p.m. For more information: