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The text on Elizabeth Grace’s door on Nov. 11, 2018 read:
Brigadier John K. LAWSON
Born December 27, 1886
Died December 19, 1941, Hong Kong
Brigadier Lawson was the most senior officer to be killed in action during the Battle of Hong Kong and the highest ranking Canadian soldier killed in action in the Second World War.
Brigadier Lawson lived at 438 Daly Ave. with his wife and two sons born 1934 & 1936.

Tribute to a soldier killed in action

Tribute to a soldier killed in action

Reproduced above  is a photo of my front door taken on November 11th. It is an amateur version of a practice that some of the older neighbourhoods around the world have adopted to pay tribute to our veterans.

I was lucky to learn the story from a neighbour on Daly, David Scott, and then researched it on the internet. I wonder if others in Sandy Hill may have similar information to share next November 11th.

Elizabeth Grace

Daly Ave.

IMAGE Abroad… Our newspaper went far in October and November.

To Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh, Morocco
Photo John Cockburn
To the famous “source” in Uzès, France that supplies water to Nimes via the Roman Pont du Gard.
Photo François Bregha
And to Kralendijk, Bonaire.
If you are wondering where that is… Bonaire is a small island built on coral and offers visitors warm sunny weather year round. The island with 288 square kilometres of land mass is a special municipality within the country of the Netherlands and is less than 100 miles from the coast of Venezuela. Pictured here is a happy resident, Paulien Wijnvoord