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Thanks to our Benefactors

Thanks to our Benefactors

IMAGE newspaper gratefully acknowledges donations to our Future Fund received from:

Australis House B&B, Goulburn Ave.

Christine Banfill and Andrew MacDonald, Wilbrod St.

Michael Barnes and Josée Berthiaume, Besserer St.

M. Clark and Bernard Rochon, Osgoode St.

John Cockburn and Jane McNamara, Marlborough Ave.

Deborah Cowley, Daly Ave.

Lena and Graham Creedy, Besserer St.

David Dendooven and Michael Brock, Sweetland Ave.

Mario Gariépy and Ines LeMinter, Goulburn Ave.

Elizabeth Grace, Daly  Ave.

Geoffrey Greatrex, Chapel St.

Jane Gurr and David Dyment, Range Rd.

Nicole Girard, Chapel St.

Jocelyne and Ron Hodgson, Stewart St.

Janet Jury, Besserer St.

Irène Léonie Kayser, Daly Ave.

Roy Kritsch, Chapel St.

Claire MacDonald, Marlborough Ave.

Manubu and David McDonald, Daly Ave.

Jan and Bob Meldrum, Blackburn Ave.

Sabrina Mathews and Claude Schryer, Chapel St.

Anne Meehan, Russell Ave.

Thérèse Nguyen, Range Rd.

Larry and Dodi Newman, Laurier Ave.

Teresa O’Donovan, Templeton Ave.

Landon Pearson, Daly Ave.

Paul and Chione Robinson, Augusta St.

Louise Schwartz, Wurtemburg St.

Nina Seahra, Russell  Ave.

May Shand, Daly Ave.

Eric Schiller, Marlborough Ave.

Sally Southey and Benoit Bélisle, Daly Ave.

Douglas Stoltz, Blackburn Ave.

Graham and Rosemary Swan, Daly Ave.

Gaye Trumley, Chapel St.

Veronica Vaillancourt, Daly Ave.

Denice and David Willis, Range Rd.