Ailing computer? What to do when…

Bill and Dave Repair at Rideau and Augusta. Photos Bob Meldrum

Bob Meldrum

IMAGE readers will be familiar with Ron Hodgson’s columns on the wonders and capabilities of home computing. But what happens when the computer you rely on breaks down?

My computer is very important to me both for doing projects for several organizations (including IMAGE) and for its entertainment and knowledge. Much to my chagrin, three weeks ago, a Windows 10 update failed in such a way that I could not recover my computer. What to do as I was in the midst of putting out a newsletter for a dance group? Of course, it was late Friday afternoon when this happened.

My first action was to go on Google and ask for Computer Repair Shops. One Google invitation was for “Computer Repair Near Me.” Much to my amazement there was a shop with good reviews near Rideau and Augusta. Not only that, but they were open late. I rushed my dead computer up, went through an automated check-in process and left to go home and have dinner. Barely had I got home when I got a phone call saying they had fixed the problem. I was so impressed. Even better Bill and Dave Repair are open seven days a week.

A recent interview with the principal revealed that the business got started in 2011 when he decided to turn his computer repair skills into a business. He revealed that although computer training has its benefits, it’s the on-the-job experience that is really important. He is also willing to help with E-waste recycling.

I hope you don’t ever have a problem like mine, but if you do, you can be pleased to know that help is available here in Sandy Hill.