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Thanks to our benefactors


IMAGE is a non-profit community-run newspaper serving the people of Sandy Hill.  It relies on paid advertising to cover the costs of producing and distributing 7500 paper copies five times a year.  The contributors, editorial staff and administration are all volunteers.

In order to meet future costs and to enable us to develop a digital edition in parallel with the paper edition we are appealing to our readers to help us cover some of the cost of this transition.

Won’t you consider a small donation? If you can help, please mail or drop off your contribution (payable to IMAGE). Our address is 22 Russell Ave., Ottawa K1N 7W8. All donations will be acknowledged, although we are unable to issue receipts for income tax purposes.

IMAGE gratefully acknowledges donations to our Future Fund received from:

  • M. Clark and Bernard Rochon, Osgoode St.
  • John Cockburn and Jane McNamara, Marlborough Ave.
  • Deborah Cowley, Daly Ave.
  • David Dendooven and Michael Brock, Sweetland Ave.
  • Mario Gariépy and Ines LeMinter, Goulburn Ave.
  • Jane Gurr and David Dyment, Range Rd.
  • Nicole Girard, Chapel St.
  • Ron and Jocelyne Hodgson, Stewart St.
  • Janet Jury, Besserer St.
  • Irène Léonie Kayser, Daly Ave.
  • Thérèse Nguyen, Range Rd.
  • Jan and Bob Meldrum, Blackburn Ave.
  • Teresa O’Donovan, Templeton Ave.
  • Landon Pearson, Daly Ave.
  • Paul and Chione Robinson, Augusta St.
  • Eric Schiller, Marlborough Ave.
  • Douglas Stoltz, Blackburn Ave.
  • Gaye Trumley, Chapel St.
  • Veronica Vaillancourt, Daly Ave.