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City rolls out new parking restrictions

Bob Meldrum

On a recent Friday night I got a parking ticket in Westboro while parked in a space I had used for years. What happened? The City of Ottawa is rolling out new winter restrictions whereby in some places no parking is allowed from December 1 to March 31.

Fortunately I was able to get the fine reduced by going down to City Hall, where I also found out that these restrictions do not only apply to Westboro. Here in Sandy Hill, we have them too. For about a 100 metre stretch on the north side of Wilbrod Street near 225, there are two signs. Sadly the car in the picture above had already got a ticket.

Take a look at how confusing the signs are especially if you are reading them on a dark, cold night. We were told that the City is going to make the signs clearer in the future.