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Sandy Hill: Cultural Memory Workshop

Creating futures informed by the past

Date: January 17, 2018, 6-9 p.m.
Location: allsaints event space, 317 Chapel Street

The object of this workshop is to bring diverse community members together to discuss challenges facing our community. Some of these are dealing with student housing, preservation of our heritage, and encouraging diversity. We hope to develop priorities and ideas for managing change by recognizing the presence of the past in contemporary culture.

There are four parts to the program. Initially, speakers will discuss Sandy Hill’s past, present, and future. Then, community members will be asked to join one of five groups to discuss pressing issues, demographic trends, and our current development trajectory. After group discussion, each group will present its challenges and ideas to the workshop participants. This will lead to a period of Q and A leading to a group discussion to assess next steps and to gauge the appetite and potential for a larger community-visioning process and the development of a “community action-plan” or other community-planning instruments.

Contact: Trina Cooper-Bolam at 613- 567-1967