September 2017

Panda-monium on Russell Avenue … Refreshed and emotional University of Ottawa students joined up in Sandy Hill on September 30 for an hour or more in advance of the big Panda Game at Lansdowne. Outnumbered thousands to 12, police officers blocked the road for “public safety.” Students had no permit to fill the street and unfortunately left beer cups and other litter when they departed. More sad news: Carleton Ravens scored a 33-30 double-overtime victory against the Ottawa Gee-Gees.  Photo Bob Meldrum

The Tri-Delta fraternity’s University of Ottawa chapter has adopted Sweetland Avenue. On September 14 near Sandy Hill Park, they undertook a fall street cleaning blitz. Back, l-r: Louis Lemonde-Trudeau, Shirlmaine Estonactoc, Katie Culligan, Shayna Feinstein, Sabrina Crepaldi, Singshan Bruleigh, Hannah Burnett, Chinoso Nwabuogor Front, l-r: Naomi Mera, Alana Weltman, Sydney Klager, Ophelia John, Isabelle Zwicker, Yawen Chen