Delivering the news a family matter for Sandy Hill daughter and dad

Photo Kathleen Kelly

Peter Twidale

Fast work delivering from door to door had them at high speed.
Charlotte was 12 years old last year when she agreed to distribute The Ottawa East News. Fortunately, Charlotte had signed up her dad, Alain Laurencelle, making them a team. Alain worked out a way to speed up Charlotte’s job of door-to- door delivery. He was able to rush from house to house keeping a few steps ahead to help her plant the next newspaper. The faster he did this, the faster she was getting the next mailbox filled. On nights like this they were working perfectly.
If there was homework that night they both could get back early; that gave the girl an hour or so to finish her homework.
But there was another aspect that could shake up the plans. Some days she would play in a soccer match right after school. On these days Charlotte and her dad rushed through their supper before the two of them headed out at, let’s say 9.30 p.m., and were still working at 10 p.m. The evening was fully supported by her dad.