Advertise with us

For more than 40 years, IMAGE newspaper has been helping advertisers get their messages to the people of Sandy Hill. Produced by volunteer members of the community, it is a labour of love and an established feature of the Sandy Hill scene.

In 2018, we are pleased to offer electronic as well as print editions of the newspaper. Our website, which for many years has archived PDF versions of each issue, is now able to present individual stories and advertisements, tagged and categorized to permit easy information searches whenever the paper is published.

We print 7,500 copies of each issue and make sure they are delivered promptly by a paid distribution team to all homes and businesses in the neighbourhood. Batches of papers are also left at retail outlets, community centres and University of Ottawa gathering places.

Sandy Hill’s boundaries run from Rideau Street in the north to the Queensway in the south, from the Canal on the west to the Rideau River to the east. Here you will find a settled residential neighbourhood of family homes, a lively university student demographic, plus shops, embassies, and non-governmental organizations.

Ads appear in French or English (or both), as chosen by the advertiser.

Many businesses choose to place their notices issue after issue, year after year, because they know the people of Sandy Hill take note of their ads and appreciate the people and spirit behind them.