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Aristocratic Links In Sandy Hill crossword

By Ralph Blaine

Crossword December 2023


1.  U.S./Can. organization providing aerospace warning and control.

6.  The name of this S.H. street has an alternate spelling of a Scottish royal house. Its name also suggests Irish cooking of a high standard.

13. Public place where Socrates probably expounded his philosophy.

14. Snow white recreational drug

15. Small in Quebec City

16. What you might call a guy who grows carrots, beets, turnips, etc?

17. This Queen is crossed by a major east-west S.H. Avenue named for a Canadian PM.

19. The Concorde was one example (abr)

20. To put down new turf

22. The second north-south street west of Strathcona Park carries the name of a line of English Dukes from which this famous 20th century British politician (first name) is descended.

27. The place next door to “The Place Next Door” on Rideau — back when.

31. If followed to its end the street in 6 Across leads to a bridge which eventually runs into                               this Prince.

32. This Royal name graces a major route running through S.H. which eventually crosses a Duke.

33. Strong and dazzling light

34. How one might describe the arrogant walk of an aristocrat.

35. What can be done to keep meat moist as it cooks.

37. Large colourful carp

40. This short S.H. Street is named after a Princess and only daughter of George IV.

46. Having a narrow provincial outlook

48. They are black and white and might wreck a diet

49. An unknown, distant or obscure place

50. To undergo chemical change

51. A beef animal marketed direct from the pasture or range without supplementary feeding

52. To chop off the very front part of a boot?



1. The back of the neck

2. Main villain of the Alpha Team in LEGO Magazine Comics

3. Flat bread often found in Indian restaurants.

4. S.W. American state.

5. What is often “processed” in a computer system.

6. What goes on when the storm window comes off.

7. Makes a sound with a sax or a trumpet, say.

8. How one might describe the all-electric Japanese produced SUV, Prologue?

9. The ancient far-east temple complex Angkor ____

10. What one does before pulling the trigger.

11. Molecules used to synthesize proteins in living cells.

12. Your shelter on a wilderness trek

18. Bread in Berlin

21. How a Georgia cracker might refer to his canine companion

22. Movement of a dog’s tail

23. How you are feeling when the flu hits

24. The Org. of Canadian sports star Steve Nash

25. Resident of Belgrade, probably

26. Thick, sticky dark syrups made from partly refined sugar; e.g. molasses.

28. Children’s game, often outdoors

29. “Before” in poems

30. Acronym for an international reserve asset created by the IMF

32. Large jug, often for carrying water

34. A viewer who gazes fixedly (often with hostility)

36. To use, experience or enjoy with others

37. The Royal Title associated with 32 Across

38. A light switch will be either __________  off. (2,2)

39. World wide (UN affiliated) org. devoted to developing professional systems for managing industrial by-products.

41. The S.H. Avenue referred to in 17 Across eventually crosses the Canal and skirts a hotel which carries this noble title in its name.

42. L’_______  du bois — Restaurant in Chelsea P.Q. featuring French cuisine in a rustic setting.

43. Milk flows from this projection of a cow’s mammary gland.

44. Name for the largest variety of toucan.

45. “East” in Madrid

47. Sounds used to express hesitation in conversation

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