What’s going on at Viscount?

Scott Macklin

Library Renewal: this year is an exciting year of renewal in our library! Our librarian, Lisa Power, has been carefully going through the collection and removing old books which no longer circulate. Lisa has identified a few areas where our library needs updating, such as books that better reflect the identities of our student population, graphic novels, and non-fiction titles in French. These new purchases are being funded through our School Council and a generous donation of $1,346 from the Good Book Sale at the craft fair last November! The students are really enjoying taking these new books home to read.

New Mural: our two grade 5/6 classes had the opportunity to create a legacy mural for our front foyer with artist Claudia Salguero. This mural was designed and painted to large panels by the students. It will be mounted on the wall in April.

Tournaments: our students are thrilled that extra-curricular activities are back! In the fall we had two soccer tournaments and a cross-country running meet. Recently, many students participated in a Borden ball tournament. Both of our teams came in second place at their respective tournaments. Borden ball is a variation on European handball which was created for younger players.

Our much-loved office administrator, Janice Kreviazuk, has retired. Janice has been with our school for many years and will be missed dearly.

Kindergarten Registration: we are still accepting Kindergarten Registration online! If you have a child born in 2019, you can register your child in the coming months for school in September 2023. You can register in person during school operating hours. Please bring your child’s birth certificate or passport and proof of address. You can also register online by going to and clicking on the green “Register” button.

Scott Macklin is principal of Viscount Alexander School on Mann Avenue

Milo, Simoona, and Prince showcase a few of the new books at the school.