Physiotherapy clinic adds personal trainers

Patrick Rancourt

Chartier Physiotherapie is moving to their newly renovated location on Wilbrod St. by the Happy Goat at Friel, in October. The new space will significantly increase the treatment area along with having ample gym space for personal training. The clinic is a multidisciplinary health centre which offers increased access to physiotherapists, massage therapists (RMT), a naturopathic doctor (ND) and now personal trainers. The idea behind the new allocation of space and resource is to foster health through movement.

The path to optimal health always goes through movement. Chartier Physiotherapie is already outstanding at treating pain and injuries, and to a certain extent, injury prevention. The missing piece was a full functional gym area with personal training. Their goal is to help everyone enhance their health and life.

For which of these scientifically proven reasons will you exercise? To feel happier, increase energy levels, help brain health and memory, improve skin health, relaxation and sleep quality, reduce pain and improve sex life, control your weight, combat health conditions and diseases or to have fun?

The new space enables the clinic to hold various classes such as yoga, fall prevention, pilates, training, meditation, breathing and an array of other programs.

Nathalie Chartier, the owner of the clinic who has been a physiotherapist for more than 23 years has been passionate about health. Working as a touring physiotherapist with Cirque du Soleil for seven years she developed a rigour in her treatment to look at the real cause of the problem. The focus of the clinic is about empowerment through knowledge and looking at a healthy balance. Whether you are an elite athlete and want to improve your performance or are suffering from an injury, she will create a game plan with you to restore your function and go beyond. She surrounds herself with a team that has the same global and integral approach. Having personal trainers on board will also allow you to optimize your potential. The teams of therapists communicate with each other regarding clients when cross treatment is necessary. This ensures you are getting the most out of your treatments whether you are seeing a massage therapist, naturopath, personal trainer or a physiotherapist.

Feel free to drop by to ask questions, the Chartier Physiotherapie team is looking forward to seeing you.