Free photography for parents with cancer

Myriam Farah Cobb

My name is Myriam Farah Cobb and I’m an Ottawa photographer. Last year, my friend and fellow photographer Melanie Mathieu and I launched a unique not-for-profit pilot project called “With all my Love”. This project focuses on providing free photography sessions to families with a parent who has cancer, with the goal of providing them with something tangible to share with their families.

Melanie and I are both family documentary photographers who tell real stories through photos and we have joined together to give what we can to families facing such a difficult diagnosis. We think of this project as a love letter from the parent to their children and family whereby real-life moments and interactions are preserved in photos.

Since 2018 we were able to help 6 families and would love to see this number grow this year. We are reaching out to neighbourhood papers to help us spread the word, so many residents will know about our complimentary services.

Here is a link to our website: