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Whither IMAGE? Future Fund Campaign Update

Dear Reader,

Over the past year, this newspaper has featured a request for financial donations to help us upgrade our website and get ready for the next decade of online as well as print-based publication.

The good news is that $2,935 has been received from the loyal readers named in the box on page one. It has been wonderful, really touching, to meet you on the doorstep and find your notes in the IMAGE mailbox.

The website (imagesandyhill.org) has indeed improved, with new stories and many ads now easy to call up and search. We are working to speed up the process of getting the stories posted once each issue comes out. What remains in the Future Fund will let us replace the increasingly problematic computer we purchased in 2004.

And now, the time has come to start renewing our cadre of volunteers as some stalwarts express an interest in retiring some day. Please see the call, on page 10, for someone with business in their DNA and some time on their hands to join our advertising management team this fall. Might that be you?

If you care to join the list of donors, the account is still open! Please leave a cheque (to IMAGE) in the mailbox at 22 Russell and know we are most grateful.

Happy summer. See you in the park!