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Our readers write….health under assault

Our health is under assault

The discussions and debate around development in Sandy Hill have focussed on heritage preservation, building size and use, and site planning. All important issues of course, but not much attention has been paid to another major stressor affecting our mental and physical health—the impact of constant noise.

From my house on Blackburn, I can point in all directions to residential and commercial construction sites. The machines and power tools start up at 7 a.m. sharp. If you work from home or need to rest during the day for health reasons, good luck! There is no construction season in Sandy Hill—just construction. All year.

A simple internet search on the physical and mental effects of noise brings up a slew of symptoms: stress, hypertension, muscle tension, poor concentration, headaches, depression, etc.

I feel especially bad for the children and staff at Sandy Hill Child Care on Wilbrod, having to endure the noise from the Viner development in their backyard. I wonder, has Viner done anything to compensate a very deserving neighbour: repaint the interior perhaps? Landscape the yard? A very meagre expense considering the profits likely to be reaped from their project!

Reducing the negative health effects of noise is a larger societal problem, and many will say it is the price to be paid for the many benefits of living downtown. But maybe at the very least those making money at our expense could do something positive for our health and environment.

Christine Aubry

Blackburn Avenue

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